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Our lettings Manager is ARLA qualified - something of a rarity for the area - so you can be assured that we are completely up to date on all legislation that might affect your property.

We have our own in house maintenance team for any day-to-day problems including a corgi registered gas fitter. This means by keeping all the work in house you will not be landed with exorbitant maintenance costs. This also means we can offer a very fast and efficient service to your tenants.

Although we look to place a tenant in your property as quickly as possible we take the view that an empty property is actually better than putting the wrong tenant in - something that we have found out through bitter personal experience.

We carry out full checks on all tenants including: -

  • 6 year credit history search.
  • CCJs & bankruptcy.
  • Defaults, arrears & repossessions.
  • Linked address search
  • Acceptability Score
  • Identification validation
  • Bank account validation
  • Affordability analysis
  • Delinquent tenant database search (RSA)
  • Guarantor suitability check where applicable

We deal with all necessary paperwork from drafting the assured shorthold tenancy agreements to serving section 8 and section 21 notices if required.

We charge a flat rate of 12% of the rent to manage the property plusĀ£300 for obtaining a new tenant.

If you have an empty property in the North East then give Graham Shepherd a call on 01325 484846 to see how we can help.